The Positive Aspect of Musical Concerts

It was said a long time ago that music has the healing power. For hundreds of years to treat illness relating to human’s mind, music is being used. Music helps us in creating a better harmony between our mind and body. Most of the people prefer listening to music when they are sad. Is it a myth or does it provide us with relaxation when we are in pain, stress or experiencing anxiety?

According to the study by researchers of Imperial College London, attending musical performances decreases the level of cortisol and other stress hormones.”The physiologic result [of attending a concert] is a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate,” says Dr. Nirav N. Mehta, a cardiologist at Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia, who was not involved in the study.

Most people have this opinion that only soothing and slow music can calm our mind and gives us a feeling of relaxation. But researchers have discovered that rock and roll music concerts also contribute to our happiness and inner peace. They have a different kind of impact on our lives, and we can understand them in the best way only by experiencing it.

Here I am listing down a few points on how attending music concerts contribute to our happiness:

Reduces Stress: Music has soothing power. Many Mental health organizations are using music as their stress management tool for their patients. It relaxes our mind and calms our body. Music has various effects on our psychological functions such as it lowers the blood pressure, pulse rate and decreases the release of stress hormones.

Relieves the Pain: All of us are familiar with the notion that music can grab our attention very quickly. Music is the best therapy to get distracted from pain and suffering, and it works well to divert our mind by giving a chance on exploring our emotions.When we are listening to any band in a concert, it completely distracts our mind from daily life tensions, and we can feel a completely different world around us. Hundreds of people gathered have a great time by singing altogether. It is a fantastic therapy to give your mind a chance to cheer up and overcome all the sorrows of your life.

Connection with the Community: Loneliness is a sign of upcoming depression, so getting connected with people helps a lot. It is also recommended by doctors to have better mental health; you should keep yourself socially active. Going to a concert and meeting people out there is the best way to connect with people who have the same interest as yours. It brings out the positivity inside of us, and we can enjoy our life in a better way.

Good Exercise: When you are enjoying your favorite music show, dancing on the beats, jumping up and down, then you are unknowingly exercising, which you might not appreciate that much if you were on a treadmill. You are burning calories without even realizing. Physical fitness is a bonus point for attending rock music concerts.

Feels Better: According to research at Deakin University in Australia, people who attend musical performances have a higher positive feeling of themselves than people who don’t attend these. Meeting with new people, cheering up on your favorite music tones and forgetting about the rest of the world for a few hours is one of the best nourishment you can provide to your mind.

It is a wonderful feeling to lose yourself in the music without caring about what other people might think about you. You want to talk to band musicians, go straight away and bang, sing your music tones loudly, nobody cares! Loosen up and feel those vibes, which vibrate your body and widen up your world. It’s about time you have a fun time. Life is indeed very short, go to some good places and enjoy yourself.

Well,  I hope you have a clear understanding of how attending concerts are beneficial for us. But everything has its positives and negatives. Many people have feelings of fear and nervousness when they are in a crowd or large gatherings. Trust me, if you have such feelings you are not alone. There are hundreds of people who feel uncomfortable at social gatherings. In such cases, anxiety tends to increases. To overcome this fear, you can try various techniques mentioned below:

  • You should go with your circle of friends to feel safe.
  • Focus on your breathing and practice how to inhale and exhale long breathes, to keep your mind and body in sync.
  • Arrive early at the venue and make yourself comfortable at the location before the place gets crowded.

However, some people like rock and roll while others like soft and calm music tones. Going to a concert and meeting new people won’t help everyone out in reducing their stress and anxiety. There is a term called ‘concert anxiety’ where people mostly start feeling anxious they can’t feel quietness around them in those loud music concerts. Concert anxiety occurs in those people who have a feeling of nervousness and the fear of large social gatherings and crowds. These kinds of people can’t enjoy music concerts that much. But, they can use music as a weapon to fight anxiety and stress in their everyday life. For that, I would share my views on how it can help you out the other way round.

If music concerts are not your cup of tea, you can enjoy the calmness of music with soft music tones because the sounds we hear all day affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. So to lift your mood, listen to good music and cheer up to be in a happy mood. The exotic beats at musical concerts can excite our senses by changing our emotions. You can even create a playlist for your daily activities like soothing tones for yoga, beats for the gym and motivational songs for the workplace. Music is a great tool to boost your mood and maintain your emotional and mental health simultaneously. One thing that matters is to maintain a balance for everything.