Wai Lana Bio, Age, Place of Birth, Personal Life, Passions and “Namaste” Video

Wai Lana’s Biography:

Wai Lana is undoubtedly the person who is sharing the invaluable teachings of yoga with the global audience. The mother of three is a woman to look up to in speech and character. A teacher par excellence who has instilled the language of peace to the heart of many across the world.

Her existence cannot be hidden or go unnoticed. Humanity is blessed to have her. Thankfully, she has continued to inspire generations of people and teach the right way to live. Yoga icon Wai Lana has received global recognition and has been awarded one of the highest civilian awards: the prestigious Padma Shri Award.

Wai Lana Age, Birthplace:

Wai Lana is 63 years old now and her birthplace is Hong Kong (China). She was born in 1955.

Wai Lana Personal Life

Apart from being described as a charming yoga teacher, she is a mother of three, grandmother of six, songwriter, author, and a genuine advocate for peoples’ inner peace and well-being. Wai Lana currently resides in Hawaii, U.S.A.



Wai Lana’s Passion for Music:

When it comes to Wai Lana as a musician, she has produced songs such as Oh My Sweet Lord, Alive Forever, Namaste and Colours alongside their respective music videos. She is also the host of the world famous yoga TV series “Wai Lana Yoga”.

With millions of viewers and listeners, humanity can only be grateful for the considerable impact the song and video have made across the globe. Numerous comments expressly communicate on various platforms as regards for the video.

Prashanth Karunakar Hedge emphasized the energy put into play in the video. He said it is “visually very beautiful” and commended the unity. “…many people of the different country brought together to perform.” He further applauded the therapeutic effect of the 5 minutes short video. “I got relaxed for 5-minute thank you.” Mayur Chavan describes Wai Lana’s work using the words “very nice.” To Mafia Solan, this is a beautiful song.

The world is encouraged to live in the world in peace, harmony, love and see each other as part of a big family. To you, I say Namaste!

Namaste Song: Remembering the Forgotten Fraternity

Wai Lana is known to never disappoint for her lovely music videos- its locations and the message involved. This beautiful act has helped the yoga icon win the heart of many yoga fans across the globe. The official music video for her song Namaste cannot be classified as a disappointment either.

The video, which was released in 2015 to celebrate the International Yoga Day, depicts nature in its calm and warm state. This cinematic piece was intentionally shot in different regions ranging from North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) and Asia (India, Philippines, and China) to nations including Ukraine, Russia, and Poland. This is to depict the real message of yoga: simplicity yet a call to unity.

The video was shot in the heart of nature to capture Wai Lana giving the call ‘Namaste’. It became an anthem throughout the world in 2015.

The reason behind Namaste Song’s Popularity:

The video was broadcasted by the United Nations to celebrate the 2015 International Yoga Day, Wai Lana describes the success of Namaste’s music video as pleasing because of how much it has touched peoples’ hearts across the planet.

Moving on, yoga fanatics and peace lovers in multiple regions have watched the video by more than 4 million fans. This worldwide success truly depicts the energy and message it communicates to the global community—and the world at large as the message transpires in every sphere of life.

In a world that fights terrorism, hatred, wars, and civic chaos, Namaste is the perfect message that shows the right approach to conquering evil, war, and division. With the hands in front of the third eye and a bowing down (which aligns with the closing of the eye), individuals can also show the symbol of Namaste, thereby making the spirit of respect to all.



“To produce a song that convinces the universal nature in the spirit of yoga” was Wai Lana’s objective according to a Q&A session.

Namaste signifies mutual respect, which is all we need to sustain unity, growth, and development as well as to reposition the world on the path of respect, humility, and greatness. Not only does Namaste teach respect, but it also serves as a wake-up call for people to always be kind and strive to build the world in unity.

The music video has scenes shot in the United States, Canada, Poland, China, Ukraine, India, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Philippines, and Russia. With the barriers of racism rightly broken, Namaste points to where the strength of humanity lies.

But could there be a better time to critically consider the message conveyed by Wai Lana in her Namaste video than now? No! The time is right as the words pierce through the walls of the heart.

The line “we are all brothers and sisters and a part of one big family” shows that Namaste encourages to embrace friendship and leave the differences behind. It unifies all—breaking the cord of color, sex, status, and background. “We are the children of the world, and it is up to us to take care of each other.” What more can be more fulfilling than service to humanity, Namaste!



Humility is key to ensuring that people pass the right message across. Also, it’s an arsenal to guide our actions, dealings, and relationships with other people. The song itself is exemplary in the message of love it communicates. It is a message devoid of hate and competition but rather of love found in brothers and sisters. It is a call to shun enmity and embrace the path of peace.

The age barrier of old and young could be finally broken by seeing each other as friends instead. This is the Namaste way. Wai Lana asks, “Can’t you see?” A question that demands that we uncloak our mind and see the world in its true beauty state.

The multi-lingual barrier constituted by our difference in geographical location and race is not a limit; instead, it’d help us speak the language born out of our heart and believe in the supremacy of the divinity.

‘Should I heed to the message of Namaste?’ is a question one wouldn’t ask after listening to the song. Change is underway…it is coming fast as it speaks a language rooted in teamwork encapsulated with the spirit of unity. As it preaches peace instead of war, terrorism can be completely overrun with the Namaste spirit.

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